To pronounce it, drop your jaw as if to say A, then from that position, try to say EH. It is close to the sound that a goat makes: ma-a-a-ah! Your jaw should be lowered (mouth wide open).


          at                       had                       active                            class                                     pass

         am                      that                       stamp                            cabin                                    craft

         ask                     tax                        math                              captain                                 mask

         add                    add                        baggage                        passenger                            jack

         as                      plan                       fragile                           mandatory                            batch

         has                    program                balance                         access                                  lavatory

        bag                    applicable              cash                              average                                cancel


Reading the /ae/ sound.

                                                                   The Tan man

                   A fashionably tan man sat casually at the bat stand, lashing a handful of practice

                   bats. The manager,  a crabby old bag of bones passed by and laughed,  "You're

                   about average, Jack.  Can't you lash faster than that?"  Jack had had enough, so

                   he clambered to his feet and lashed bats faster than any man had ever lashed bats.

                  As a matter of fact, he lashed bats so fast that he seemed to dance.  The manager

                  was aghast.  "Jack, you're a master bat lasher!" he gasped. Satisfied at last, jack

                  sat back and never lashed another bat.